Our Vision


"To passionately provide aspirational and affordable homes so we can positively impact the quality of people’s lives".


The UN Goals for Sustainable Development provides a framework for the challenges and opportunities we face as a generation. We are passionate about supporting the Life Below Water and Life on Land goals, while also providing assistance to ex-servicemen who are struggling to readjust after suffering injuries sustained during the UK’s involvement in conflicts.

Who We Are


Jeremy Wormington
Managing Director

Ferrata Property Jeremy Wormington

Jeremy has been renovating properties for over 6 years, with the aim of producing desirable properties that suit modern building standards, while reflecting the contemporary lifestyle of those who aspire for better quality. 

Jeremy is an entrepreneurial leader with 30 years of combined experience driving operational planning and organisational change for private, public and military enterprises.  He was an Army officer for 23 years, with an Electrical Engineering degree followed by a technological Master’s degree. This training has enabled him to bring organisational skills, focus, lateral thinking and innovation to building projects, which provide high-end homes to suit the aspirational lifestyles of those who want to live in them.

Jeremy has held a wide range of management positions, commanding a number of military units ranging from 90 to over 200 soldiers, and has helped to deliver outstanding and award winning performance.  In his leadership roles he built teams, structures and the environment to liberate creative problem solving, whilst developing innovative solutions.  More recently he was the Operations Director for the London Bike Hire Scheme (aka: Boris Bikes), responsible for the day-to-day operation, with over 250 staff during the summer peak.

He then decided it was time to follow his entrepreneurial calling and focus on his property development business.  He has completed a number of developments in the South East of England, and now focuses his attention on commercial conversions in the Midlands.

He is a founding member of the Quorum Property Club, one of the country’s leading networks of property development professionals. He is a member of the Founding Forum, specialising in developments from £1M - £15M GDV.

Ultimately, Jeremy wants to be actively involved in charities that support wildlife conservation, utilising his passion for adventure, and also assisting ex-servicemen who have been injured during UK operations.

Open Positions


Job purpose

Oversees the daily workings of property development operations. Plans, manages and implements schedules to ensure deadlines are met, and maintains a high quality standard of product delivery.


duties & Responsibilities 

  • Manages the growth and success of the team
  • Coordinates activities that affect operational decisions and business requirements
  • Responsible for the production, procurement and planning of daily operations
  • Communicates with all relevant employees to ensure delivery times are met
  • Plans, schedules, and reviews workload and manpower to make sure targets are being met on a cost-effective basis
  • Ensures the team has enough time to deliver property development based on requirements
  • Creates a detailed schedule based on strict deadlines
  • Communicates any changes to the relevant parties
  • Monitors standards
  • Purchases materials and services required 
  • Provides guidance to employees

Property SouRCING

Job purpose

Conducts research and analysis in order to identify potential opportunities for conversion to residential that are in alignment with the strategy for developing aspirational properties.


duties & responsibilities

We are looking for somebody who lives in the Birmingham area to source properties in the local area to a range of 50 miles.

Ferrata's team is based in the South of England so undertaking this simple but important task isn't an option for them.

We are looking for someone to source and visit properties according to a set of criteria to follow (where to look, what fits the model and what to exclude). Make observations and report back on what has been found.

The role is based on an hourly rate. You will require a car, or use public transport.

Please send your CV with a Cover Letter to admin@ferrataproperty.co.uk